Yup, it’s started. “Illegal aliens” is now a racial slur:

Each year, nearly 1 million foreigners unlawfully sneak into the United States.

But don’t call them “illegal aliens” because that’s the moral equivalent of a racial slur, according to the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials.

The “moral equivalent”? What kind of progressive groupthink crap is that? Do these people even know the meanings of words?

A racial slur? How is it racial, exactly? And why is it a slur? It is a strictly objective, even morally neutral term for someone who enters this country illegally. There is no implication regarding race, origin, sex, milkshake flavor preference, or any other status.

And what does the GALEO recommend instead? “Undocumented workers”.

Obviously this term is inaccurate. Illegal aliens are not necessarily employed, nor are they necessarily undocumented, what with the Matricula Consular card and all the other documentation they are able to obtain thanks to ridiculously lax laws in the United States.

This is, to be blunt, retarded. If I want to call a Mexican immigrant a racial slur, I already have plenty at my disposal. This is sort of like saying “homosexuals are gay” and people thinking it’s a slur.

Don’t minority rights advocates have something better to do? No? Then maybe that’s a sign that equality has been achieved. If that is not the case, then these groups need to focus their energies on things that actually help their constituents, rather than making them the laughing stock of the nation (and wasting their donors’ money).

8 Responses to “The Word You're Looking For Is "Spic"”
  1. Myria says:

    I’m guessing that driving through San Diego blaring “It’s no fun being an illegal alien” on your stereo will soon be considered a hate crime.

    The mind boggles.


  2. Mithras says:

    Do you mean to refer to illegal immigrants as “spics”? Because that’s how this post title reads to me.

  3. Kyle Haight says:

    I think the implication is that if you’re looking for a racial slur, “spic” qualifies. “Illegal immigrant” does not. The intention would be to clarify that “illegal immigrant” is not a racial slur by contrasting it with another term that is. Sort of “Here, this is an example of a *real* racial slur.”

  4. Anne Haight says:

    Kyle is correct. I realize it may be a little obscure. But one point I was trying to make by implication is that not all illegal immigrants are Mexican (duh), so for a Mexican activist group to get pissed off about such a generic term suggests a sensitivity to something that just isn’t there.

    Also, as an insult, there are so many other words available that are already repulsive, that we hardly need to become upset about a “new” one.

  5. triticale says:

    To clarify things a bit, in the Chicago area over the last couple of decades there have been a non-trivial number of Irish and Eastern European (particularly Polish)illegal immigrants. The numbers may be dropping as conditions in their countries have improved.

  6. Russell Mann says:

    Since not all Illegal Aliens are hispanic, isn’t the Georgia group making an issue out of it entirely on their own? Aren’t they basically the “racist” ones, calling all hispanics “illegal aliens” by making this an issue?

  7. Russell Mann says:

    The MooLatté

    Ted Turner’s Dairy Queen is making waves. A couple weeks ago I drove past (because I don’t go inside) the local DQ and noticed their “Moolatte” sign. I thought “I hope that isn’t tan coloured, because that would be in bad taste.” Turns out a >MooLatté …

  8. TheTruth says:

    since most of the illegal aliens that we are having trouble with are MS-13 gang members, why are you all so worried about mexicans? it’s a republican cocaine cartel conspiracy designed to focus attention on a group of people that really have nothing to do with the violent crime that south american drug cartel gangs, who are trying to take over this country, are bringing to this country. Remember that MS-13 already put the mexicans in their place, through bloodshed and terrorism. I will admit that the mexicans are now cowardly lapdog servants of the violent central and south american gangs that are so prevalent in this country, but they aren’t the root cause. It is high time this foolish country understood that these people want to rape your children, murder anyone that stands up to them, and then smile at us because they know we can’t do anything. it’s high time to show them that we can do whatever we need to to protect ourselves, indeed, that we WILL do anything, to repel the evil invaders, just as our ancestors did, several hundred years ago, wh en they liberated this godless continent from the psycho religious cults that ruled. Aztecs and Mayans, fascinating? NO. DISGUSTING. and their remnants want nothing more than they did. blood sacrifice, facism, and tyranny. Regardless of the methods used, these people must be eliminated. I urge you as concerned white americans, to destroy all dark skinned people. as a precaution against the facist aztec-inspired-heart-ripping-baby-raping christianity that will descend upon this country if you do not take up arms. you are all forewarned. listen to me or don’t. don’t come to my kingdom when i’m proven wrong.

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