The US/Israel haters are at it again:

The Palestinians opened their case against Israel’s West Bank barrier in the world court on Monday, a landmark hearing that brings Israel’s policies before an international tribunal for the first time.

As if this “court” actually means anything. I’m sick of lame-ass attempts by European progressives to create “world body” organizations on the pretense that they actually have any power or that they function in a fair and just manner.

The United States and Israel, and a number of other European countries, don’t pay any attention to the World Court, and for good reason. It has no authority. None. Zip. Zero. It exists only to be a political tool to attack the United States and Israel, and any other enemies of the progressive left.

Frankly I’m a little disappointed that Israel even bothered to submit statements denying the court’s authority. The appropriate response to such farces is to ignore them as though they don’t exist. We already know what the court’s verdict will be: Israel will be found guilty of oppressing the Palestinians, and there will be no mention or discussion whatsoever of all the innocent Israeli civilians who have been murdered by Palestinian terrorists.

The Palestinians have high expectations for the case. They hope a ruling against Israel will lead to the removal of the barrier.

Two major flaws with that line of thinking: the court has no power to enforce its decrees, and Israel doesn’t give a flying rat’s ass what they or the Palestinian terrorists think of the security fence or any of their other attempts to stop the wave of murder into their country.

The Palestinians oppose the route of the barrier, which dips several miles into the West Bank at points. They say that when completed, the barrier will make it impossible for the Palestinians to establish an independent state.

On the contrary, the existence of the completed fence will establish a Palestinian state de facto, with no input, opinion, or assistance from the Palestinians, and that’s what really scares the terrorists. They will be walled off from Israel, trapped with each other, and have nothing to do but collapse into bloody civil war as each faction tries to assert control.

This is why the terrorists and their apologists have become more and more shrill and panicked as the security fence continues to be built with no sign of stopping, or any sign of interference from the United States. The US is the only country Israel would listen to, and we’re staying out of it.

I’m looking forward to Israel’s impending safety and the destruction of the Palestinian terrorist apparatus.

Kyle adds:

The Palestinians have a semi-valid point with respect to the route of the barrier. It does go out of its way to loop around some of the settlements. I think the blame for this lies with the Israeli left. Instead of supporting a version of the wall that ran straight along the border, they opposed its construction altogether. This forced the Sharon government to seek political support farther to the right, which meant reduced support for dismantling settlements on the “wrong side” of the wall. Hence the loopiness of the route.

It would be “better” if the wall ran straight along the border; however politics is the art of the possible. For better or worse, domestic support in Israel for that version of the wall just wasn’t there; consequently the real-world choice was between the fractal wall and no wall. Given those alternatives, Israel’s security is better served with the wall as it is being built than it would have been with no wall at all.

I agree with Anne that the likely medium-term result of the completion of the wall will be a bloody civil war inside Palestine; a side effect of this will be a reduction of the pressure on Israel to negotiate with the Palestinians. (If there’s no central authority in Palestine, there’s nobody to negotiate with. In some respects the civil war has already started, c.f. the recent attempt by Hamas to negotiate a ‘foreign policy’ with Israel distinct from the PLO.)

I also can’t resist the opportunity to point out that based on the per-unit cost of the Israeli wall it would only cost the United States about $10 billion to build an equivalent wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. I wonder what effect that would have on the illegal immigration debate?

UPDATE: This Cox and Forkum cartoon perfectly captures the issue.

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