A lot of commenters on the right have been asking “What’s up with the President?” lately. The Democrats have been attacking him essentially non-stop for over a year, and he’s scarcely bothered to fight back. For supporters, watching seemingly-unending streams of mendacious criticism flow by unanswered, especially in light of the many real accomplishments of the administration, is infruriating.

I’m not a Christian myself, but I find myself wondering if Bush is being crippled by his Christian beliefs. I’m thinking specifically of two Christian moral dicta: ‘Turn the other cheek’ and ‘Judge not, lest ye be judged.’ Taken together, these ideas imply that when faced with a dishonest opponent one should:

  • Not point out the dishonesty of the criticisms or the critics. (This would be an act of judgement, which is reserved to God.)
  • Not respond to the unjust criticism. (Turn the other cheek.)
  • Trust in God to make the truth apparent to others.

This seems like a good capsule description of what Bush has been doing.

In my frustration, I can only suggest that the President would do better to take a page from Ayn Rand, who wrote that one should “judge, and be prepared to be judged.” Or, staying within the realm of Christian ethics, Bush could try putting a bit more emphasis on what I call the Kleptomaniac’s Principle: “God helps those who help themselves.”

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