I only got one thing to say about all the bullshit criticism against Bush and his service (or alleged lack thereof) in the National Guard:

Bill Clinton was a draft dodger, and why do I think the people who gave Clinton a pass on that issue are the ones now bitching about Bush?

So STFU. Fucking hypocrites.

UPDATE: This letter from a retired colonel who served in the Air Guard with Bush is quite interesting. I recommend reading the whole thing.

6 Responses to “Bush Haters' Brains Have Gone AWOL”
  1. Mithras says:

    Bill Clinton was a draft dodger, and you don’t hear people making a big stink about it.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Where were you in the 1990s?

    In any event, Clinton received a student deferment. He didn’t lie about it and never claimed to have served. While you may not admire it, such a deferment was legal (and was used by many notable Republican politicians, too.)

    Bush, on the other hand, appears to have not completed the duty he signed up for, but instead disappeared for several months (possibly while in rehab), and now is lying about it. Of course, none of this is proven yet, but there sure is a lot of interesting evidence.

    STFU to you, too.

  2. Otter says:

    Clinton only had a student deferment until he graduated in 1968, numbnuts.

    The US military eliminated the grad student deferment because many felt it gave the rich a place to hide out while they worked on some Master’s or Doctorate they would never had bothered with if the draft wasn’t going on.

    As soon as he graduated Georgetown in 1968, he was classified 1-A, prime draft material.

    So Clinton promised to enlist active duty in the Navy. He never did.

    He then pulled some strings with the draft board, and they agreed to let him attend Oxford. While he was at Oxford, he did in fact receive an induction notice.

    Upon his return to the US, he worked another angle by enrolling in the University of Arkansas as a grad student and promised to join the University’s ROTC cadre. This nullified his induction notice and reclassified him as 1-D (reservist deferment).

    He broke yet another promise, and then skipped back off to Oxford for another year.

    By the time the Draft Board had learned that Cadet Clinton had skipped town and caught up with him, the war was winding down and the draft was at a low ebb.

    When he finally stopped ducking and weaving, and gave himself up as 1-A, draft eligible, the chances of anyone being drafted, much less seeing combat in Vietnam, were pretty low.

    So what the hell do you call that?

  3. Anne Haight says:

    Otter, do you have any sources to back that up?

  4. Otter says:

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to this. My military duties have kept me busy.

    The easiest timeline is http://www.snopes.com, a very impartial website for debunking urban legends.


  5. ryan says:

    i really don’t give a shit about clinton dodging. he was one of the best god dam presidents we ever had. bush is just a cum sucking republican who who wants to take over the whole world so the fucking rich can have it easier and the poor can have it harder. he is also a fucking admitted cocaine user and has had a drunk driving arrest. the only thing clinton did was get his dick sucked just like every other american man. of course we all know the fucking guy who wrote this is to busy sucking bush’s dick. so you can shut the fuck up.

  6. Ferret Overlord says:

    Hey, guess what. Unless Ryan, you godam pansy, can give me a good reason why you hate Bush instead of acting like you’re a big grown-up cursing around an all, I think you’re a gay liberal who’s making us pay taxes for gay schools. GET A LIFE.

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