God says he loves me. In fact, he killed his only son to show just how much he loves me. There’s no place I can go to escape him. He says he knows that even if I claim not to return his love if he waits long enough eventually I’ll realize that I do love him too.

If a human being acted like that we’d say he was an obsessive and delusional stalker and slap him with a restraining order.

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  1. fuzzywzhe says:

    Don’t forget that God lovingly killed not only all the evil men of the world with the Great Deluge, but the evil women, the evil children, the evil babies, the evil animals, the evil plants…

    My, what love God has for his creations. Just like the love of a rejected husband that comes home oneday, murders his wife, and his children, then blows his head off. Is it any wonder Lucifer rebelled against his psychopathic creator?

    And never forget, history is written by the winners. The bible was written by man through divine inspiration through God. How much worse would it have been if Lucifer wrote it or just an objective third party?

  2. Hunter says:


  3. fuzzywzhe says:


    Damn it, I wanted to get into an argument, oops, I mean “debate”.

    Remember, you have to have blind faith in the divinity and truth of the bible, because if you don’t have blind faith, it readily becomes apparent that it’s just the buy bull.

    Deteronomy 22:28

  4. Sigivald says:

    Jesus’ death doesn’t count as much of a sacrifice, anyway.

    He didn’t stay dead, right? So what’s the big sacrifice? Sure, he suffered a lot for a while, but so did piles of other people. Big deal.

  5. Anne Haight says:

    What I’ve always wondered is, if Jesus died for our sins, why are we still considered to be born sinners?

    The whole concept of being born a sinner is barbaric and stupid anyway. It’s like trying to hold me personally responsible for slavery or the burning of the Library at Alexandria or something.

  6. Low-Tech Redneck says:

    Then the whole free will thing also pretty much shoots down religion in my view

    God creates man, gives him free will, ability to choose/do what he wishes, man chooses not to worship God, God damns man, doesn’t make much sense to me

  7. Kyle Haight says:

    “Jesus died for my sins. I refuse to cheapen his sacrifice by failing to commit any of them.”

    I think religion makes even less sense without free will, e.g. as seen in Calvinist protestantism. God creates man without free will, man acts out his life the way God programmed him to, then God picks some people and tortures them in hell for no obvious reason at all.

  8. Donald Sensing says:

    Except of course that is not what God says at all.

    God didn’t kill Jesus, the Romans did. But God overcame this crime.

    God does not say that “if he waits long enough” eventually you’ll come to love him. It’s your choice for all eternity.

  9. fuzzywzhe says:

    Not to denigrate your religion or anything, but look at it from a completely unemotional standpoint.

    If somebody were about to kill YOUR son, and YOU could save him, and you had absolutely NO FEAR of being stopped because you were OMNIPOTENT, and futhermore you’re also OMNISCIENT, so you KNEW this was going to happen weeks ago before the fact, and yet you did NOTHING TO PREVENT YOUR SON FROM BEING KILLED, doesn’t that make you something of a horrible person? An evil one even?

    And I know that the Christians say that Jesus *willingly* “died for our sins” but then what explains his words “Father, why have you forsaken me?”

    And to make matters even more confusing, why would GOD (you know the Omnipotent one) cause man to be redeemed by allowing his son to be tortured to death? God, being Omnipotent, could have done *anything He chose to do* in order to redeem mankind.

    I am a rare atheist that sees GREAT utility in religion. No society stands for long without it. The communist systems are no more or less repressive than the feudal systems, but feudal systems were built around enforced Catholicism. That society lasted for a thousand years basically unchanged. It was called the Dark Ages. Communism seems to last at most 100 years, it’s pathetic.

    Without religion, certain CRAZY people would see no reason to have morality. I, however, recognize that there are consequences to my actions and if I treat people badly, they will do the same to me so I better not treat people badly. There is no small amount of reward in being respected and liked either and I don’t need a God to recognize that. Some people do though, and for them, I hope for my sake they go to church.

  10. J Bowen says:

    If it bugs you, file a complaint. You wouldn’t be the first to sic process servers on God.

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