Today’s auto-Darwination is brought to you buy some stupid kids in Mississippi:

West Marion High School student Marshall McCleod was critically injured and later died at a local hospital after his friend Tyler Thomas shot an army ammunition box with a 20-gauge shotgun. The box was apparently filled with dynamite.

Okay. So these kids decided to use an old ammunition box for target practice. Without checking to see what was in the box. A box that used to be filled with gunpowder. A box that was now filled with dynamite.

It sounds like a Wile E. Coyote cartoon.

6 Responses to “Dumbass + Shotgun + Dynamite = Darwin's Law”
  1. Sigivald says:

    While not checking was, in fact, Stupid, it’s fair to note that the vast, vast majority of civilian-owned ammo boxes are not full of ammo, let alone dynamite.

    Also,that ammunition, when shot with a shotgun, does not go off all at once – you’d be “lucky” to get a handful of rounds to go off, if you managed to even penetrate the ammo box with the pellets – something I would not count on with a 20 gauge, either. Chain-reactions are possible but by no means assured.

  2. Anne Haight says:

    Fair enough. But you gotta admit that shooting a container whose contents are unknown is pretty dumb. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Low-Tech Redneck says:

    Among the frist 10 or so rules of safe gun use, even for just target shooting is “know your target and what lies beyond” Therefore, not checking anything you plan to shoot from soda cans and bottles up to ammo boxes to make sure they aren’t full of anything you wouldn’t want shot is incredibly stupid

    So yes, this was a stupid move, and dynamite, despite being relatively “safe” is still a high explosive, and penetrating a stick of it with a bullet or pellet can do the same thing to it as the blasting cap is supposed to

    And if it was old dynamite, the risk gets worse, because as dynamite ages, the nitro in it begnis to separate from it’s buffer inside and sweat though the cardboard tubing, making it EXTREMELY likley to accidentaly detonate if, say, it were SHOT AT

  4. Anonymous says:

    First: I’d like to point out: Dennis Hopper.

    Second: Dynamite exploding is nothing to really fear unless it’s surrounded by something that can become a projectile.

    Third: If you were 20′ away from a box filled with dynamite that you intentionally set off, the possibility of you being killed by the wodden shrapnel is actually extremely limited because the 1) the density of shrapnel is in exponential decay 2) wind resistance from something as light as wood and as irregularly shaped as wood shrapnel would bring it down to below 60 MPH quite quickly.

    In short, it’s actually a fluke these kids got killed. I bet they knew there was dynamite in the box, but having blown up dynamite before in similar circumstances, did it again.

  5. Rebecca says:

    Situations like these are sad, really. I recall a story of a young boy whom, with his friends, would grab onto a rushing train and jump off before it turned out of town. One day, the train was going too fast for him to jump, and he hekd on throughout the night, but eventually fell asleep and broke his neck. If they’d had a playground or something else to do to keep them occupied, it wouldn’t have happened. Unless,of course, you don’t use your common sense, as theses kids apparently didn’t.

  6. ryan says:

    these kids are pretty fucking dumb to shoot at a box of tnt. the kids knew what was in it. the kid that is still alive is just saying that so he doesn’t get in trouble

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