Our office just got the most intriguing coffee machine. Mars, Inc. (yes the ones that make candy bars) has created the Flavia Beverage System.

This thing looks a lot like a regular coffeemaker, except that the coffee (and tea and cocoa and creamy topping) all come in little pouches. You stick a cup in the cubby, put a pouch in the drawer, press a button, and 30 seconds later you have a cup of cappucino, or espresso, or latte, or an espresso shot, or Chai tea… You get the idea.

No more $5.00 Starbucks coffee. Foamy would be proud.

5 Responses to “Latte For Dummies”
  1. Kyle Haight says:

    I believe Oscar’s former employer Healtheon had one of those machines back in the late 1990s. I saw it once when I was meeting him there and it looked very cool.

    Cisco does a nice job with the free beverages, but we don’t have any nifty high-tech drink-preparation machines around. Oh well…

  2. Sigivald says:

    You can get espresso roast coffee out of it, but not espresso. It’s just a single-use filter-pouch coffee/tea system. No espresso, no cappuccino, no foam. (Which is, mind you, fine, and still for an office probably a great improvement over a normal coffeemaker system. But damnit, no espresso.)

    If only it really DID make espresso… (The big one claims “espresso strength” mode for normal coffee, which I imagine means simply a longer infusion. Pah. Call me when it can do Turkish. Even the cappuccino is really just a plain coffee with a packet of special “cappuccino topping” goo on it… Man.)

  3. Anne Haight says:

    You’re right about the topping goo. There are pouches of that as well, which are added to make the “cappucino” have a foamy topping. But it tastes like ass, and is in no way a substitute for actual steamed milk. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. fuzzywzhe says:

    There’s only one problem with flavia, the coffee and tea out of it sucks.

  5. Helen says:

    Foamy, indeed, would be very proud.

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