The Laughing Wolf tells a tale of being evil at Christmas by messing with the head of a very young child. I don’t think that’s particularly evil, nor is it really Christmas-related save in the sense that it happened at Christmas.

If I wanted to perpetrate some Holiday Evil, I’d do it on Halloween. One obvious maneuver would be to buy some really good candy (something like full-size candy bars) and make a small tear in the wrapper of each one. Kids are psyched because they got a piece of great candy, and then crushed when their safety-conscious parents take it away because it might have been tampered with. This takes the virtues of the parents and the focus of the holiday and twists them into a tool for sowing family dissent. A bonus is that the younger the child the more hurtful the result.

Now that’s being evil for the holidays.

(For the record, I’ve never done this, or anything remotely like it, and I never will. Anybody who would actually do this is one sick little monkey.)

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  1. muahahahahahaha!!! says:

    i would! IM EVIL

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