My stance against illegal immigration has earned the animosity of some people who read my blog, as you can see from comments on some of the entries. In case you ever wondered if such people are all talk and no action, you can rest assured that physical threats are not beneath them.

Tim Bueler, a high school student in California, has discovered that publicly endorsing a crackdown in illegal immigration not only gets him in trouble, but the teachers threaten him too:

The 17-year-old junior says that stance inspired threats from which teachers have refused to protect him. Some faculty members even started a public campaign against his group, which seeks to promote “the pillars of the Bible, patriotism and conservative beliefs as balance to the mostly liberal viewpoints of teachers,” according to its newsletter, “The Conservative Agenda.”

Earlier, he said he was eating lunch in a classroom when about seven Hispanic students surrounded him. Worried for Tim’s safety, his father, Dennis Bueler, said he asked for help from a teacher who was also in the room.

“The teacher told him, ‘When you say things like that, you’ve got to expect that things like this are going to happen. Why don’t you go out the back door?’ ” Mr. Bueler said in recounting the incident.

The teachers not only refuse to protect this kid, but they join with his tormentors in harassing him:

Tim said teachers have also joined in the name-calling. One called Tim a Nazi, while another described the club as “a bunch of bigots.” In a parody of the newsletter, biology teacher Mark Alton called on students to “take a stand against the neoconservative wing-nuts who call themselves Americans.”

This same Mark Alton makes an interesting statement about this situation:

“No one at the high school opposes the formation of the Conservative Club,” Mr. Alton said. “What bothers me is the extreme views that border on racism or homophobia, the negative tone, and the hot line that calls teachers ‘traitors.’ “

Can’t have people actually saying what they think, now, can we?

Well you know, Mr. Alton, that’s just talk. Free speech you know. But this physical harassment thing, and teachers refusing to protect the physical safety of students, and implicitly condoning these threats, is a little beyond the pale. Don’t you think? It’s the responsibility of teachers in a public school to behave objectively within the context of their profession, and to make sure their students have a safe place in which to learn and develop their minds.

Don’t you think?

And what’s this with “extreme views that border on racism or homophobia”? Are you saying that they don’t actually rise to the level of racism or homophobia? Even if they do, what are you worried about? That people might actually talk openly about something that makes you uncomfortable?

Let’s suppose for a moment that a Hispanic student had published something that offended a few white kids, and those white kids began harassing the Hispanic student. What do you think would happen? Would the results be the same as they have been for Tim Bueler? I don’t think I have to elaborate.

Man, why does the word “Nazi” always come up in these things? We should have a rule in public discourse like the custom that’s been used on Internet forums for many years. The rule is: whenever there’s a flamewar, as soon as somebody mentions Hitler, it means that the conversation has degraded to the point where the only thing going on is namecalling and personal insults, and the discussion is therefore automatically over. This is also known as the “Hitler Hitler Hitler” rule, since a second custom evolved in which people would type the name 3 times in order to halt a flamewar they believed had gotten out of hand.

And these so-called “liberals” want me to believe that they are champions of free speech and diversity? That they tolerate all beliefs and cultures? That they are the future of enlightened society?

Looks to me like a big step backwards, historically speaking. It’s called racism, dictatorship, and oppression.

Hitler Hitler Hitler.

Kyle adds: Speaking as someone who read Usenet pretty consistently from 1989 through to about a year ago, I have to make two minor corrections to the above. First, the rule Anne refers to is known as “Godwin’s Law”. Second, there is a corollary saying that any attempt to invoke Godwin’s Law deliberately is doomed to failure.

That said, pretty much everything else she says above is bang-on, IMHO. No student should have to be physically afraid at school. Sadly, a lot of school administrators seem more interested in playing stupid power games than in doing their jobs. This was true when I was in high school and it only seems to be worse today.

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  1. Mithras says:

    Liberals welcome every Muhammad, Jamul and Jose who wishes to leave his Third World state and come to America.

    What a nice kid. And you believe every word he says about being threatened.

    Earlier, he said he was eating lunch in a classroom when about seven Hispanic students surrounded him. Worried for Tim’s safety, his father, Dennis Bueler, said he asked for help from a teacher who was also in the room.

    Query: why is the kid’s father hanging out in the lunchroom, trying to get into people’s faces? Is he the driving force behind the club?

    Bueler? Bueler? Anyone?

  2. Low-Tech Redneck says:

    Mithras,Your obvious assertion is that this kid is lying, which of course, he has to be, as ANYONE who doesn’t support the leftist agenda must be.

    Now, look me in the eye and tell me that if a group of hispanic students had been approached at lunch by a group of white students upset over a pro-immigration policy they made public, that the parents of said minority students had the school administrators nuts in a vice with a load of pending lawsuits? And said white students got detention/expulsion/whatever for thier “hate crimes”?

    It’s a great tactic the modern left has discovered isn’t it? You can discredit ANYTHING said by a non-minority on the grounds that only a knuckle-dragging troglodyte WOULDN’T support any and every pro-minority policy out there. There is no room to disagree, disagreement is just thinly-veiled classism, or sexism, or racism, or some other ism, a truly open-minded person will never question ANYTHING right?

    That’s exactly the opinion which is seeking to turn dissenting voices into “hate speech” and people like you are proof it’s working

  3. Anne Haight says:

    Low-Tech, that’s a good point, and very true. “Only a moron would disagree with me, and you’re not a moron, are you?”

    Yet another way of avoiding the issue by changing the focus of the debate to personal attacks.

    It’s an example of the “false dichotomy” in logical fallacies. This is when you present an idea with only two possible results, when those two results are artificially created.

    This manifests in questions like, “So have you stopped beating your wife yet?” The form of the question only allows for a yes or no answer, yet neither answer would be correct if you had never been a wife beater. The question itself assumes a precondition that is false.

  4. Mithras says:

    look me in the eye and …

    Kind of tough to do that. Do you have a webcam?

    My point is the story doesn’t seem credible, given the witnesses involved. The kid’s a bigot (did you read the story and get the full quote?) and his dad is hanging around the school, which is weird. If the kid got hit once, or there was a threat on paper or in a phone message – something, anything that was not merely the say-so of the kid – I might give it some credence.

    Any follow-up on this story?

  5. cptham says:

    Earlier, he said he was eating lunch in a classroom when about seven Hispanic students surrounded him. Worried for Tim’s safety, his father, Dennis Bueler, said he asked for help from a teacher who was also in the room.

    His father wasnt in the room with him you half wits, he is simply recounting the incident in which his son asked help of a teacher who was also in the room.

  6. says:

    “His father wasnt in the room with him you half wits, he is simply recounting the incident in which his son asked help of a teacher who was also in the room.”

    If that’s the case, then the writer needs to go take an english class because that sentence sucked. I’m not saying I’m any better, of course, but I’m also not a journalist.

    Man, I must say I’m getting REAL tired of all this “liberals are hypocrits” and “conservatives are liars”, this whole right vs. left act everyone seems enthralled in. When it comes to personal and political views, there is no set limit on the variations of beliefs an individual can develop. It is not apples or oranges, it is more like apples, oranges, pears, grapefruits, etc. etc. you get my point.

    Of course illegal immigration is bad. Bad for both countries involved. But hating those immigrants who are coming over simply for the fact that they’re coming over here is, for lack of a better word, retarded. What do you expect, them to say “Well, life in my country sucks ass, but I won’t illegally enter a better one, just out of respect of that imaginary line on the map.” Using logic, we find that a better approach is to look at the reasons why someone would want to leave their country for another. And no, the answer is not as simple as “Their country sucks.” WHY does their country suck? Look at who is benefiting from other peoples’ misery, who goes up as the other goes down? Maybe look at how the US Gov spends its vast fortune and where that fortune is coming from, and consider that Democracy in sovereign nations in south america and the middle east and elsewhere was on the climb until US special interests stepped in and overthrew those democracies to impose dictatorships.

    Well, I seem to have gone off on a rant. In any case, 2 sides of one coin. Don’t let them divide and conquer.

  7. ME says:

    I attend Rancho Cotate and I have had the chance to speak with Tim on different occasions and read HIS articles, and flyers first hand. Tim does not know how to debate, he talks about he views for a good 15mins (which is perfectly fine with me) yet when anyone (including myself) begins to speak about “our” views the poop hits the fan and Tim goes off on a wild tangent. Tim is aggressive and argumentative. He labels and generalizes not only political, and racial groups, but students as well. During our 1st discussions Tim labeled me as a Liberal and said that I had a “metal disease.” (keep in mind this is the 1st time we ever spoke.) He may not be racists but he is prejudice. One of the main problems that people have with Tim was brought about by one of Tims articles in which he wrote, “Every Muhammad, Jamal, and Jose are jumping our borders,” statements like these are what got Tim into the mess in the first place. Using the word “every” and the names that he used to describe immigration in the United states and the people lacks intelligence and knowledge of the situation. His Poor Rhetoric is what has created problems.
    This entire situation is funny because one sided articles are springing up all over the place about this issue when in fact these writers are only getting half of the story. One of the conservative club meetings focused on Bias in the classroom, and how it was unfair to look at “one side of the story.” Isn’t it Ironic?

  8. Anne Haight says:

    The genius with IP has been banned for impersonating me.

  9. Anne Haight says:

    His Poor Rhetoric is what has created problems.

    No, the problems are created by the people who threaten him with bodily harm and/or refuse to protect him from same.

    Tim may well be a loathesome individual. There is usually two sides to these stories, and I appreciate hearing more on the issue.

    But Tim’s speech, however vile, does not justify physical intimidation and threats of harm. It does not justify teachers refusing to come to his aid.

    The appropriate response to such a person is ostracism. When people rant incoherently, whether they are liberal or conservative, pretending they don’t exist is the best way to make them go away. Clearly the opinion of such a person would not be worth addressing.

  10. Rich says:

    I keep hearing about Bueler’s newsletter and keep getting the same quotes thrown at me over and over again. I’d really like to see the entire newsletter not just a handful of quotes. Does anyone have a copy or know where one is posted online?

  11. cyberdawg says:

    “security code…????”

    Anyways, as I was going to say…. I think that this Bueler dude is the vicktim (oh goodie, he got status at an early age) of a liberal persecution. PC is simply the ideological component of affirmative action, requiring mind-tilts toward “cognized groups”

    The mind-tilt requires us to “understand” and “sympathize” with minority “rage” and gush emotively over their “rediscovery” (ie. invention) of history and culture. Well y’all know the drill. Just like any criticism of Israel is “anti- semitism” so any criticism of Aztec Americans gets you a well deserved beating. (Count yourself lucky you still got your heart)

    Aztec-Americans??? Oh yeah… some of you troglodytes might not know it, but in SOME “people of color circles” “Hispanic” is a dirty word. Oh yeah… “Spanish is the language of oppression”… yadda yadda. (After all, Spaniards are white and if you accept the People of Color vs Tansluscent dichotomy, that lumps Spaniards in with Protestant Anglo-Saxons all of which is about as dumb as you can get.)

    ON THE OTHER HAND…. this Bueler dude is a real dumb fuck. The problem with fascists (and in Europe he would be instantly recognized, although in the U.S. we call it the FoxRight ) is that they only have one eye.

    Bueler’s attitudes on “illegal immigaration” are a case in point. He apparently has NO concept that illegal immigration is a two way street. He apparently has no awareness of the repeated US invasions (a highly aggressive form of immigration) not only of Mexico, but of Cuba and Central American countries. He also doesn’t fathom that those military immigrations were the first phase of an economic invasion…. over 150 years of US exploitation and hegemony over Latin America. Consequently, he has no concept that the eco-demographic disaster in Latin America owes a lot to American Corporate Capitalist policy.

    “Our flag will be your flag”… That’s what President Wilson’s advisor told a Mexican diplomat way back when. Yep. That’s what Col. House said. He actually said that. He also actually was tied in close with First National City Bank (now Citicorp which actually owns the Banco Nacional de Mexico)…. Got the gist?

    So if our flag is their flag (only you don’t see it because the colors are different) we can’t very well complain if “they” come up here to live under “their” flag… can we?

    Actually, I think the whole gaffe is rather sorry. I unequivocally stand by Bonko Bueler’s right to say whatever he wants, up to and including up front Nazism. And without any of the not-so-subtle conditions put on freedom of speech by his teachers.

    I also kinda understand how he is driven to that reaction-extreme by the utter drivel that is fobbed off as social studies and multi-kitsch,
    After all disillusion is the beginning of all real knowledge.

    But its too bad that being coopted and coddled by the FoxRight propaganda machine, the chances of Bueler actually maturing into some level of intellectual capacitation, are close to nil.

  12. Arik says:

    Fuck beaners

  13. DV says:

    Tim is not a conservative! or a nazi. he’s almost a fascist -except.. he can’t back up anything he says.
    You don’t go around picking fights with other students and then crying because no one wants to protect you.
    He took his agenda past “endorsing a crackdown in illegal immigration” -he bashed a race.
    The treatment/lack of protection would have been the same if the student was Hispanic.
    Sure- voice your opinions – but there is NO need to advocate hate on campus. or threaten other students -which he DOES

    [oh.. and he is very against gay men… but in his latest protest -yesterday, see: -.. he refused to voice his opinion on lesbians.. ]

    Come -sit in on one of his meetings..

    I HAVE.

    And he IS protected. He is escorted to and from class by a security guard every day.

    Persecuted? No. He likes the attention.

  14. Morgs says:

    The most important question everyone is forgetting to ask during this entire debate:

    since when are high school students afforded the rights of adult citizens?

    I went to Rancho and graduated in 2001. I watched at least 10 fights initiated by white supremacists against the only minorities at that school.

    Take a look at the demographics: 74% white, 14% hispanic, as opposed to 39% each across the state. This isn’t a case of free speech, it’s a case of a sheltered white kid allowed to propogate his classmates with faculty advisors and speakers from the NRA advocating guns in classrooms.

    I used to get detention for wearing “spaghetti strap” tanktops there. We would lose school dances for talking shit to rival sport teams across the gym.

    Yet, when bueler and friends (including adults from the community) come together to protest the unabrasive “day of silence” with huge trucks, signs, and sweatshirts showing “gay” with a circle and slash through it…..the only people repremanded are those who threw eggs at the signs. And they weren’t given detention, they were arrested.

    It isn’t free speech, it’s racist speech, plain and simple. And in case you have forgotten about the nature of high school classrooms lately….we can’t really predict what kinds of consequences can ensue from all this right vs. left shit. Check out their platform:
    And while you’re there, check out the bio page with the pic of the adult advisor. Cool, just what we need: an adult leader who proclaims his love for firearms, as high school shootings have proven to become an epidemic.

    There’s a lot of kids crammed into that campus and with that comes a large need to fit in. The motives behind this organization are white supremacist, and cannot be school sponsered. These arguments to protect bueler are the same ones used against those who opposed integration in the sixties, and now it’s gays and illegal immigrants. Since when are high schools expected to tolerate hate?

    and for the record, if bueler were hispanic as someone put it and the same threats were made, the shit would have been kicked out of him, end of story. There are no “hate crimes” at Rancho, because you don’t want to get your ass kicked every fucking day. It’s kind of hard to do anything when you’re 14% of 2100.

  15. Huh says:

    Ahh Morgs, why is voicing an opinion that is anti-homosexuality not entitled to the same “free speech” that people on the other side are allowed, I would say that means qn oppositional voice to your beliefs would not be allowed in your perfect world.

  16. adult high school says:

    You can earn your adult high school diploma by equivalency examination or by traditional correspondence study for students ages 16-adult

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