I’ve always thought Yoko Ono was nuts. I wasn’t around for the whole Beatles thing, so my perception of it is viewed through the lens of history and conversations with people in my parents’ generation.

But this has me floored.

On one film, for the classic song “#9 Dream,” Ono has edited herself into the original video. There you will find her mouthing the backup vocals that were sung on the original hit recording by Lennon’s girlfriend at that time, May Pang.

None of this comes as any surprise to those who saw the TNT tribute to Lennon in the fall of 2001. Ono edited all the footage of Lennon from his Beatle days so that none of the other Fab Four appeared. And no reference to the Beatles was ever made, as if Lennon had simply arrived on the scene singing “Imagine.”

What is this woman’s deal, anyway? Megalomania? Mental Illness? Greed? All of the above? I have a hard time understanding the motive for this kind of behavior. Did/does she really idolize John Lennon so much? Is there some purely selfish motive such as money? If so, what money are we talking about since presumably she was the beneficiary of Lennon’s estate when he was killed?

Somebody please explain this to me.

3 Responses to “Yoko Ono: Megalomaniac”
  1. Low-Tech Redneck says:

    There seems to be this mythology that has grown up around John Lennon as time has gone on. And I think Yoko is at the head of this mythos-building that seeks to make Lennon seem more like a God, and less like a successful songwriter who died arguably before his time.

    It’s only natural for such a thing to happen, 25 years later there are still those who are saddened by the loss of Elvis Presley, and speak of how much longer he may have been able to sustain a career had he not died. And the death of Selena also has created a strong “what if?” fan following. But when comparing Elvis morners and Selena Mourners to Lennon morners, there is a difference, and it’s an odd one. Like I said before, they seem to make Lennon out to be this egalitarian Jesus-like figure who was trying to lead the world to peace and was murdered by agents of the “Evil Emprie” as he was just on the cusp of writing that one song that would end poverty and injustice and convince soliders to put down thier rifles forever.

    He was a songwriter and peformer, had he survived, today he’d just be another washed-up celeb giving voice to anti-war or anti-meat or anti-whatever causes….

    But because some yahoo with a pistol blew him away before he got stale, now I have to worship him? Forget that. Maybe it’s because he’s identified as a symbol of the 60’s, and some , Yoko included, don’t want to admit that the dream of peace though loving your enemies to death is impossible?

  2. Cindy says:

    here is the deal. May Pang is a worthless cunt. A whore for hire payed by Yoko to babysit John for a year. Obviously the song means more to Yoko and she as his wife has EVERY RIGHT to erase the presence of the whore she hired in the first place.

  3. Tina says:

    Cindy, as you’ve got your head up your ass, let me tell you that it was YOKO who hand picked May Pay as a companion for John. She set them up and knew what the relationship would become. Get your facts straight you idiot.

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